Keeping Your Employees Happy in the Workplace

Employees are everything to a business. Without them functioning at their very best, it is extremely difficult for a company to thrive. Production slows down and workers might be tempted to find other companies to work in. Keeping your employees happy or satisfied goes beyond just paying them respectable salaries for them to continue working for you. There are many ways to maintain a positive, cheerful and inspiring atmosphere in the workplace. Some might cost you a little while some are free.

Workers want to be in a place where they are welcome, not just as laborers but as persons. They like to be treated as family. Think of them the way you think of yourself. Know their likes or dislikes. Hang out with them after office hours. Treat employees in the same manner you relate to your close friends. This inspires them because they know that their bosses are not unapproachable. Just make sure that your close ties will not compromise your official relationship, especially how you discipline or impose rules and regulations.

Set dates for get together parties or have company outings. Employees need a break from their busy schedules. They should relieve stress and improve their relationships with their bosses as well as fellow workers. To make the company more efficient, you must also find ways how to enhance rapport between co-workers. This further motivates them to work better, especially in groups.

Acknowledge workers’ daily efforts. This won’t cost you a lot, except post its and ball pen. Say thank you to them for working eight hours a day, sometimes doing overtime that last more than 4 hours. Expressing gratitude means you value their contributions and make them feel important to the company. You can give them cheap tokens as “trophies”. Seeing these awards in their desks inspires employees to keep up the good performance.

We can think of many ways to keep employees happy. The list is endless. For a start, these tips might help.

A Therapeutic Working Area

Working a shift from 9 o’clock in the morning up to 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock in the evening (and sometimes overtime) is a tiring predicament that we have to face so that we can earn for a living. While we have to accept the fact that these are the hours for work, there are times when we feel that the place where we are working isn’t a place made for comfort and delight. It’s not in the persona of the company or group that you’re working for is the problem but it’s your own personal area in your workplace.

It’s often that we encounter our working area as cluttered, messy or just plain chaotic in nature. The most common culprit may be the piles of paperwork and documents that we incur over the day. It may be because of the sheer amount of these documents or the sinful but inevitable act of procrastination that they’ve managed to pile up. Nonetheless, they become a source of stress in the office.

By definition, the term “therapeutic” is synonymous to the words healing, beneficial or curative. By all means, your working area should be therapeutic in nature so that it promotes concentration and focus, boosting your overall work performance. However, there are factors that contribute to an unhealthy working area.

Clutter in your very own desk or cubicle is just one of the biggest factors that can make your working area unsuited for productive work. Distractions or lack of privacy also add the same degree of problems in the working area. But creating a place where you can work peacefully through organizing documents and files that are usually scattered on your desk, an adequately high partition around your cubicle and a comfortable chair to boot, that’s the making of a therapeutic working area which will result in a boost of your productivity.