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tom-ecHi, I’m Tom. Welcome to my site!

It might not look it at first glance, but Electronic Crafts is more than just another technology blog.

Yes, its assortment of users, writers, and other contributing individuals are all, more or less by definition, tech and electronics enthusiasts… some of whom take their personal fascination all the way back to pre-Internet years of soldering wires together on makeshift worktables in their parents’ garages. They are the unsung heroes of today’s digital technological revolution: the people who pushed the boundaries of the existing technologies of the day to the point where they were forced to break right through to the next Big Thing.

Then, when that Big Thing arrived, they took it apart. They looked at how it went together. They proceeded to push its boundaries as well. The lifelong fascination of this kind of person is why modern-day technology, in software and in hardware alike, is advancing at such a quick pace. With the blank edges of the map filled in, the highest peaks in the world climbed, and the depths of the oceans plumbed, the explorers and frontiersmen of today are the people who push the boundaries of science and technology, opening up new worlds for humanity to explore.

Electronic Crafts is about more than an existing shared fascination in technology within its existing confines, however. Rather, it is about further sharing that fascination, and steadily growing the niche community of hardware- and software-savvy people connecting to the internet today. The people who post to this blog do so in the form of written instructions, tutorial videos, illustrated how-to articles, and other media intended… not just for the purpose of discussing new builds and applications for hardware and software, but also to spread their shared love of the craft to people who might still be looking at the latest computer chip or smart program as though it were one step removed from being magic.

Some technology gurus like that kind of mystique. We’d just as soon have you join us in this incredible and fascinating state of understanding of what makes things go… and what else they might do, given the proper application of a little old-fashioned initiative and new-economy knowhow. The carefully crafted guidelines posted through Electronic Crafts’ blog can help to bring you from the point of wondering how a circuit board works to assembling your own Arduino-based projects on a hastily assembled soldering workbench in your garage (or your spare room, attic, or wherever there’s space to be found; creativity, after all, is paramount).

Electronic Crafts is more than just another technology blog. It’s a community of like-minded individuals, of technological artisans; people who have made the pursuit of new and innovative applications for both hardware and software into the reason why they wake up each and every morning.

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